CE 341 - Design of Concrete Structures

Course Description

Design of reinforced concrete beams, slabs, and columns, with emphasis on ultimate-strength methods; prestressed concrete; building and bridge applications.

C E 341 - Design of Concrete Structures (3): This course provides students with an understanding of the structural design process, the mechanics of reinforced concrete, and the ability to design and proportion structural concrete members including slabs, beams, and columns for strength, serviceability, and economy. Design procedures are based on the Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete published by the American Concrete Institute. The mechanics underlying the code design equations are explained as well as their application to practical design problems. In addition to regular homework assignments the students complete a design project in which the design of specific components is integrated into the design of the structure as a whole.

Course Prerequisites

  • C E 340
  • Prerequisite or Concurrent: C E 336

Additional Information

El-Chabib, Hassan



Civil and Environmental Engineering



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