CE 342 - Design of Steel Structures

Course Description

Design of steel tension members, beams, columns, beam-columns, and connections; elastic and plastic methods; design applications.

C E 342 - Design of Steel Structures (3): This is a first course in design of steel structures intended to develop a fundamental ability to evaluate and design steel tension members, beams, columns, beam-columns, composite beams, and connections. Discussion of design requirements focuses on failure mechanisms and behavior, evaluation of existing components, and the process to develop economical steel member designs. All discussions are based on the current American Institute of Steel Construction steel design specifications with an overview of historical requirements as appropriate. Students complete a design project of a multi-story, steel, commercial building that is intended to synthesize the course material and create a realistic context for the course. Weekly assignments are typically derived from the course project. Computer applications are an important component of these assignments.

Course Prerequisites

  • C E 336, C E 340

Additional Information

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