CH E 210 - Introduction to Material Balances

Course Description

An integrated approach to the study of material balances and industrial chemical processes important in chemical engineering.

CH E 210 - Introduction to Material Balances (3): The objective of this course is to present an introduction to chemical engineering calculations, establish mathematical methodologies for the computation of material balances and to present an overview of industrial chemical processes. It is the introductory course in the chemical engineering curriculum and is normally taken in the sophomore year. It is prerequisite for several junior-level courses in the curriculum, including courses in process fluid dynamics, heat transfer and phase equilibrium. The course reviews the fundamentals of chemistry and physics as they pertain to chemical problems and applies mathematics to the development of time-dependent equations to describe materials flow through a process. Examples of the processes studied include stoichiometry in combustion and other reactions, materials flow with recycle streams, humidification and drying process, and the analysis of non-steady systems. In addition, the course presents an introduction to Industrial Chemistry with an overview of steam reforming, ammonia synthesis and similar examples.

Course Prerequisites

  • Prerequisite or Concurrent: MATH 251

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Chemical Engineering

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