CH E 320 - Phase & Chemical Equilibria

Course Description

Pure component phase properties, solution properties, equilibria among phases, equilibrium stage separations, chemical reaction equilibria.

CH E 320 - Phase and Chemical Equilibria (3): The course covers the fundamentals of phase and chemical equilibrium with emphasis on vapor/liquid systems and their applications to separation processes. It is the second course in chemical engineering thermodynamics and leads to the study of separations and reacting systems. Computational methodologies are presented for the calculation of the properties of mixtures and the construction of phase diagrams (P-x-y, T-x-y) using activity coefficients or equations of state. The theory is applied to the analysis of equilibrium stage separation such as distillation and extraction including the construction of McCabe-Thiele diagrams. In the last portion of the course the principles of equilibrium are further applied to chemically reacting systems.

Course Prerequisites

  • CH E 210 with a minimum grade of "C"
  • CH E 220 with a minimum grade of "C"

Additional Information

Velegol, Darrell



Chemical Engineering

Office: 8G Thomas Building


Phone: 814-865-8739

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