E MCH 211 - Statics

Course Description

Equilibrium of coplanar force systems; analysis of frames and trusses; noncoplanar force systems; friction; centroids and moments of inertia.

E MCH 211 - Statics (3): Engineering Mechanics is the engineering science that relates forces and moments to the motion (displacement, velocity, acceleration) of bodies. The understanding of the concepts of force, moment, and motion is essential to design efficient engineering components ranging from a bridge to a wing strut to a robot arm to the mother board of a computer. Statics (E MCH 211) is the foundational course for both Dynamics (E MCH 212), which is the study of motion and the forces causing motion, and Strength of Materials (E MCH 213), which is the study of deformation and strength design of solids. Statics will provide students with the tools and guidance to master the use of equilibrium equations and Free Body Diagrams (FBD's) and to solve real engineering problems. Students should leave this class with the ability to logically approach a variety of static engineering problems, to translate a physical situation into an analytic model, and to use various mathematical tools to determine desired information. Course topics include: introduction and vectors, problem solving, force vectors, particle equilibrium, moments/couples, equivalent systems, distributed loads/FBDs, rigid body equilibrium, trusses, frames and machines, 3-D equilibrium, friction, centroids and center of gravity, and moments of inertia.

Course Prerequisites

  • Prerequisite or Concurrent: MATH 141

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