E MCH 212 - Dynamics

Course Description

Motion of a particle; relative motion; kinetics of translation, rotation, and plane motion; work-energy; impulse-momentum.

E MCH 212 -Dynamics (3): The study of forces causing motion and, at least in engineering, its primary goal is the determination of loads on moving structures for the purpose of design. Dynamics will provide students with the tools and guidance to analytically model a wide variety of mechanical and structural systems. In Dynamics, this is done by drawing free-body diagrams of the relevant parts of the system and then applying the laws of Newton and Euler, laws governing material behavior, and equations describing the geometry of motion of points and bodies (kinematics) to those free-body diagrams to obtain the equations governing the motion of the system. Once a system has been modeled, Dynamics will also provide students with the tools to obtain desired information from those models by solving the equations governing the motion of the system. Topics covered in Dynamics include: kinematics of particles, application of Newton's laws to particles, energy and momentum methods for particles, kinematics of rigid bodies, application of the laws of Newton and Euler to rigid bodies, and energy and momentum methods for rigid bodies.

Course Prerequisites

  • E MCH 211 or E MCH 210
  • MATH 141

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