E SC 211 - Material, Safety and Equipment Overview for Nanotechnology

Course Description

Nanotechnology processing equipment and materials handling procedures with a focus on safety, environment, and health issues.

E SC 211 - Material, Safety, and Equipment Overview for Nanotechnology (3): This course overviews basic material properties as well as environment, health, and safety (EHS) issues in equipment operation and materials handling in "top down" and "bottom up" nanofabrication. The chemical and physical materials properties underlying nanotechnology are surveyed. EHS topics arising from the processing and disposal of these materials are addressed including: cleanroom operation, OSHA lab standard safety training, health issues, biosafety levels (BSL) guidelines, and environmental concerns. Specific safety issues dealing with nanofabrication equipment, materials, and processing will also be discussed including those pertinent to wet benches, thermal processing tools, vacuum systems and pumps, gas delivery systems and toxic substance handling and detection.

Course Prerequisites

  • CHEM 101, MATH 081, PHYS 150 or PHYS 250

Additional Information

Kuzma, Terence



Nano-fabrication Center

Engineering Science and Mechanics



Phone: 814-863-5484



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