IE 424 - Process Quality Engineering

Course Description

Statistical methods for engineering process characterization and improvement. For non-Industrial Engineering majors.

I E 424 - Process Quality Engineering (3): This course will provide students with probabilistic and statistical methods required to improve the quality of products and processes. It will start with the introduction to quality culture and the key elements of quality improvement. Then the methods for data presentation and interpretation are discussed. Next, the basic probability concepts and commonly used probability distributions are taught followed by statistical concepts, such as sampling distributions, point and interval estimation, and hypotheses testing. The concepts and methods of statistical tools required for process selection and improvement such as process capability indexes and control charts are discussed next. The course ends with the coverage of simple and multiple regression models.

Course Prerequisites

  • MATH 141
  • Prerequisite or Concurrent: MATH 220 or B E 301

Additional Information

Sarah Root



Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering



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