IE 425 - Stochastic Modeling in Operations Research

Course Description

Stochastic models in operations research with real world applications including dynamic programming, Markov chains, queueing models and inventory models.

I E 425 - Stochastic Models in Operations Research (3): This course will be an introduction to the modeling of stochastic systems. The student will learn about Poisson processes, Markov Chains, Dynamic Programming, and Queueing systems; both model formulations and solutions strategies. The students will learn several applications of these models in manufacturing and service systems, so that they can synthesize the lecture material. The student will study the topic of inventory theory, including fundamental tradeoffs, EOQ modeling, and stochastic models. Grading will be based on exams and homework. This will be a required course for all undergraduate students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in Industrial Engineering.

Course Prerequisites

  • MATH 220
  • I E 322
  • Concurrent: I E 405

Additional Information

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