ME 461 - Finite Elements in Engineering

Course Description

Computer modeling and fundamental analysis of solid, fluid, and heat flow problems using existing computer codes.

E MCH (M E) 461 - Finite Elements in Engineering (3): This is an introductory course in the Finite Element Method. Through this course, students gain knowledge in finite element theory and problem modeling. The mathematical formulation of the method is presented and then applied to problems in elasticity and heat transfer. Projects are assigned to demonstrate the finite element method in simplified problems using hand- calculations and computer programs such as Matlab. The use of commercial FEA programs is introduced and problems of increased complexity are assigned to demonstrate their use in a computer lab. Finally, problems of realistic complexity are assigned such that students can practice solving, documenting and presenting their use of commercial FEA programs.

Coures Prerequisites

  • E MCH 213, E MCH 210H, or E MCH 210
  • CMPSC 200, CMPSC 201, or CMPSC 202

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