NUC E 441 - Nuclear Security Threat Analysis and Assessments

Course Description

Nuclear threat assessment and analysis for non-state actors to nuclear and radiological facilities and supply lines.

NUC E 441 - Nuclear Security Threat Analysis and Assessments (3): The primary goal of this course is to educate the student in such a manner that on completion they are able to conduct a threat assessment and analysis for non-state actors (i.e., terrorist and criminal organizations) and the threat which they present to nuclear and radiological facilities and supply lines. Approaching the subject matter in this way forces a student to efficiently and effectively identify security threats and ultimately craft and articulate plausible policy responses to such threats. Specifically, students will focus on threats emanating from nuclear weapons, radiological material, and related technology. After completing this course, the student should be able to:- Analyze current and future nuclear threats from countries and nonstate or sub-state actors and provide recommendations on how to address these security issues.- Define and analyze the various types of transnational threats and targets in order to craft effective policy responses.- Describe nuclear weapons proliferation, including incentives and disincentives for proliferation.- Analyze smuggling methods and counter-proliferation strategies.- Identify materials of concern and the physical characteristics of these materials. Also prioritize these materials based on their attractiveness, location, and the threat they pose.- Understand the history of terrorism, including its causes, motivations, strategies, and tactics, particularly regarding nuclear terrorism.- Explain counterterrorism strategies and policies and the role of intelligence in counterterrorism, with a particular emphasis on the efforts of the United States Government.

Coures Prerequisites

  • NUC E 301

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