Registration Instructions

The College of Engineering offers courses on campus and online for current Penn State Students and students at other institutions. Both graduate and undergraduate level courses are available. The instructions below guide you through the process of registering for individual courses. If you are interested in pursuing a full degree program online, visit the World Campus website

Current Penn State Students

Students currently enrolled at Penn State can register for classes through Lion Path. The registration timetable is available on the University Registrar Website. Consult your academic adviser for assistance with registration, or questions related to specific courses.

Students at other Institutions

Students from institutions other than Penn State can register for courses by following the steps below. We recommend that you consult with your home institution to ensure that the course(s) you take at Penn State will count toward your degree requirements. External students can begin registration on the date set by the University Registrar on their registration timetables.

1. Find a course to enroll in.

Visit the public Lion Path homepage to conduct a course search.

Screen shot of the lion path search box with important elements circled. These elements are

In the search results, click on the course(s) you wish to register for to reveal the class detail page. You'll want to note several important pieces of information from this page to complete the registration steps below.

A screen shot of the class details page in lion path. Annotations call out important details on the page that you'll want to note for later in the registration process. These include the course abbreviation and number, the course title, the number of credits (referred to as units), and the schedule number (referred to as class id).

2. Apply to Penn State as a non-degree student.

If you wish to take undergraduate level courses, apply as a non-degree undergraduate. After completing the form, you should print it, sign it, scan it, and return it to the World Campus Registrar at

If you wish to take graduate level courses, apply as a non-degree graduate student.

While your enrollment in a course will be contingent on your acceptance as a non-degree student, you can complete step 3 below concurrent with your non-degree application.

3. Complete World Campus Registration Form

Use the information from the class details page (course abbreviation and number, course title, section number, schedule number, and number of credits) to complete the registration form. Return the form by email, fax, or postal mail to the address shown in the form's header. 

Download the registration form.

What to Expect Next?

After submitting your non-degree application and World Campus registration form, you will receive notification from the World Campus Registrar. If you are accepted, your email from the registrar will contain detailed instructions on setting up your Penn State accounts and completing the registration process.

Who to Contact for Help?

The World Campus contact page provides phone numbers and email addresses for offices that can help you during and after the registration process. For questions about specifically about the non-degree application, or the World Campus registration form, email



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